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Fundamentals of DNS in a Small Business Network

When I’m out visiting a network for the first time, the one thing I check before anything else is how DNSis implemented. I am amazed how often I find the configuration subpar. A proper DNS setup is vital to keep the network operating smoothly. Improper setups can cause traffic slowdown, authenication issues, and produce a […]

Server 2008 Auto-tune

The scenario: one of my clients has a Windows Server 2008box with Exchange 2007SP1. Random domains where not being sent to with error “451 4.4.0 DNS query failed” coming up in the Exchange Queue Viewer. Taz and myself troubleshot this over several days, looking at DNS Configuration, Exchange Configuration, and Sonicwall Configuration with no luck […]

Installing an IIS Certificate into a Sonicwall SSL-VPN device

In the small business world I work in, easy-to-use remote connectivity is a must. One common device we use is the Sonicwall SSL-VPN. It has a web interface that users logon to with their Active Directory authenication. From there, they can install the VPN client themselves. Since the webpage is SSL encrypted, users will get […]

Using the Sonicwall’s Application Firewall feature to restrict bandwidth on specific websites

I was recently given a project that involved testing out the Application Firewall feature on the Sonicwall firewall. We’ve been talking about promoting this feature to clients as a way to manage their employees’ internet browsing habits. The idea is to slow down the traffic to the problem website instead of outright blocking it. If […]