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Cisco UC520

So I have recently completed an install of the fairly new Cisco UC500 for the SMB market. Previously the systems I had deployed were very basic, this was my first install where more ‘advanced’ features and more total features where required. The UC500 is designed to be an ‘all in one’ solution for businesses with […]

Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft has just started a beta program for their new anti-virus/malware program. It’s called Microsoft Security Essentials and the final version will be coming out later this year. And it’ll be FREE! So far it appears to be compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and the upcoming Windows 7. Vista and 7 will have both 32-bit […]

Installing SBS 2008 Standard into an existing 2003 Standard Domain

Make sure your Forest and Domain are in native 2003 mode. Go to Active Directory Domains and Trusts of your PDC Right click on Active Directory Domains and Trusts, ‘Raise Domain Functional Level’ to Server 2003 From within Active Directory Domains and Trusts Right click on the domain and ‘Raise Domain Functional Level’ to Server […]

Palm Pre First Thoughts

Yes! I have a Palm Pre. And it was easy to get too. I just walked into the Sprint store Saturday afternoon after the lines were gone and grabbed one. I guess some places sold out, but I picked the right place. So why am I excited about it? Well, I hate to bring up […]