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Anti-Spyware Recommendations

Most people have likely had a run-in with spyware by now. Either at home, or at work, or had a conversation with a coworker who had it happen. Figuring out exactly how it got in is always a difficult task.  Usually all we can say is it’s just from a little too much random internet […]

Favorite Function of the Day: Vista, Windows 7, Office 2007 and Office 2010

Microsoft has been slammed by a plethora of users from the MacWorld Keyboard Cowboy to the Microsoft Gold Partner. I want to shine some light on some of the great functionality brought forth by the handy people in Redmond. Who has the same love/hate relationship with Print Screen and MS Paint? .. “I do… I do” […]

Firefox 3.5 released

Last week, the latest version of the alternative browser, Firefox, was released. While initially planned as a smaller update, it grew into a fairly robust upgrade. A number of new features have kept it even, if not past, the new releases of other browsers. The biggest change is the new engine, which does several things. […]