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Volume Shadow Copy Errors: 0xffffffff and/or 0×8000FFFF

I recently had to troubleshoot a server that had been failing its backups. There error that appeared in the backup log was “Error returned while creating the volume shadow copy:0xffffffff“. Everyone knows that backups are absolutely critical for any network. A lot of these backup systems use a feature in Windows called Volume Shadow Copy. […]

Migrating a MOSS or WSS 3.0 from SQL Express to SQL 2005.

This blog entry details the steps of migrating a SharePoint SQL backend from SQL Express to SQL 2005. I would like to say this was an easy deal, but it wasn’t, there were many hiccups that I did not expect to encounter and I have documented them all and how to fix each one that […]

In Praise of the PassPhrase

One of the longest serving technology security methods is the password. On the surface it seems simple and cheap, and for many companies it may be, but the reality is that passwords have serious flaws and dangers. Some of these exist as part of a trade-off between security and ease of use and others due […]

Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor Tool From Microsoft

Windows 7 is looking to be a tremendous leap forward for Microsoft. Here is a link to a downloadable tool on the Microsoft website for evaluating your machine in terms of anticipated compatibility and performance improvements: