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Publishing Editable Spreadsheets in Excel Services (MOSS 2007)

While researching possible solutions for automating Excel Spreadsheets over the web for a few clients we have found that MOSS 2007 users may benefit from the simple parameter functionality of Excel Services. However, many may have assumed that Excel Services allows full editing of spreadsheets over the web, but in reality it is very limited. […]

File fragmentation and Defrag tools

Over time, every computer hard drive will experience file fragmentation which will slow down the system and make a big impact on overall performance. Microsoft recommends running a defrag whenever file fragmentation on a disk reaches 20% or higher. It’s a good idea to check for file fragmentation about once a month, or whenever your […]

The Case for Continuous Data Protection and Imaging in Disaster Recovery Solutions

Recovery from data loss is facilitated by making sure the network has consistent, accessible backups of files, email, databases, and system states. Backups are only reliable if they can restore the data when they are needed the most. Legacy solutions such as Tapes, CDs, and DVDs are slow and prone to error. Backups are done […]

Power number crunching – Green for Small and Medium Businesses

At this point there is little in the green IT field that has trickled down to small and medium business. The main benefits happen when there are many systems, and in most SMB (small & Medium businesses) there aren’t enough systems to offset the cost, or the technology, such as data center cooling, just isn’t […]