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How to Install Windows 7 Over the Network Using PXE Booting and TFTP

I recently finished upgrading the rest of the office over to Windows 7, as well as rebuilding my own laptop to the final release instead of the RC version. Of course the first computer I started on had a broken DVD drive so I had to find an alternative way to install it. I probably […]

Sonicwall CDP Site to Site Backup Configuration and Disaster Recovery

I have deployed several offsite CDP’s for clients that have one onsite recently. There is always the need to weigh their options when making this decision. What is the cost of the extra hardware and maintenance of it versus the cost Sonicwall charges to offsite the data at their facilities. What we have been finding […]

Favorite Windows 7 Function of the Day: Problem Steps Recorder

This is a fantastic tool for those people who need help with a problem but the person helping them is at a different location. It’s called the Problem Steps Recorder and it’s brand new with Windows 7. It will record screenshots and list the steps a user takes while it’s recording and then assemble all […]