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Fix for Exchange 2007 certificate error: PrivateKeyMissing

I recently ran across a strange error while updating a client’s certificate that they use for their Exchange 2007 system. It turns out that its a pretty random error but when it occurs certificates can no longer be installed or removed in Exchange. The system has either forgotten where it put the Private Key for […]

Why Doesn’t My Wife’s Mac Have This Problem?

As a primarily PC support company and PC users, this is a question we hear often enough. Apple does a good job of maintaining the “Apples don’t have problems” mystique when this is not the case. Most of the time it turns out there is a perception issue. Case in point, a call I took […]

Business owners have yet another new hat to wear!

The internet has changed the way we do business and it has changed the way we act as customers. Specifically the way customers do research on a company or a product. From blogs and Amazon customer reviews to Tweets and the entire range of ‘Social-Not-Working’ mediums. The internet has made us all much ‘smarter’ consumers, […]