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Outsourced IT service providers need to base their client’s technology solutions on 4 key concepts…

Elite outsourced IT service providers need to take pride in helping each one of their clients effectively optimize technology for their success within each of their unique business models. Their success is your success! Everything an elite outsourced IT provider implements and recommends to their clients needs to be built around the foundation of 4 […]

Solution to Exchange 2010 move requests continuously restart when going across a VPN

Finally found a solution to an Exchange 2010 migration issue that’s been plaguing me for weeks. It was preventing me from moving mailboxes from the old Exchange 2007 server to the new Exchange 2010 server that was located at another site and connected by a site-to-site VPN. Every time I would create a new Move-Request, […]

Exchange 2010 end user Features That Rock

Exchange 2010 has lots and lots of great features. I could go on and on about how this technology can impact a business and how previously so many of these functionalities where with not available or a 3 rd party tool was required. For me there are a few things that REALLY MAKE A DIFFERENCE […]