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DSL vs. Cable vs. WiMAX: The Difference

At this point in history, I think it’s fair to say that everyone uses the internet. But, how does everyone access the internet. Conventionally, for home internet access there was DSL and cable, but now, there is a newer player in the game, WiMAX. Let’s examine the veterans first. DSL stands for digital subscriber line […]

The New Microsoft SharePoint 2010

The new Microsoft SharePoint is here and better than ever. Initially, it seems that Microsoft has upgraded most of the features of this business software, but let’s take a deeper look. For starters, there is a new user interface which mirrors the added “ribbon” menu of the Word/PowerPoint 2007, providing easy access to SharePoint’s advanced […]

Windows Small Business Server 7 and Code Name “Aurora”

Microsoft is making changes to its Small Business Server (SBS) line of products! The next installation in the series will be a pair of products; one (SBS 7) is an update to the expected old SBS options and the second has been called Aurora which partially relies on cloud services. While the both of these […]