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Finally! A strong competitor with WebEx

Web Conferencing has been a split market for a while now: – Cisco’s WebEx is a great platform, yet quite expensive for a smaller business to implement across a limited staffing base. – There are numerous free-to-use applications like that are widely adopted as costless alternatives. – And while there are mid-priced competitors they […]

A Decade of IT Consulting with SonicWall

CyberStreams now enters the second decade of SonicWall being its leading security recommendation to clients. This may seem a minor point, but few vendors stay on top and remain a good value for such a long stretch of time. We’d like to take a moment to formally thank SonicWall for staying so dang reliable over […]

How to Add a Logo or Picture to Your SharePoint Site

I find that personalizing the technology I use everyday helps me to maintain focus and productivity. In Managing Information Technology in a Global Environment, Mehdi Khosrowpour writes that “personalization,” or “making an access to information more responsive to the unique and individual needs of each user,” is a “mean to cope with information overflow.” If […]