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The Benefits of Unified Communications

What is Unified Communications? Unified communications is the compressionof all of the standard means of contact into a single platform that reaches any device in any location with internet. This means that e-mail, fax, desk phones, voicemail, smartphones, tablets, instant messaging, conferencing, and group sharing can all be handled in one system. The system also […]

How to Make E-mail, Web Browsing, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn More Secure

As IT consultants, we know how spamware, hackers, and other intruders can usurp control of accounts and important files. With hacking, someone can gain access to one of your passwords or accounts. This can happen while working under a public Wi-Fi like at a coffee shop or with certain spyware programs. It is important to […]

Best Applications on the iPad for Your Business

The growth of tablet use in the workplace continues to spread throughout many industries. The trend is transforming the businesses in which they are implemented. Whether only management positions are using a tablet or multiple employee positions, the applications available make it easy to customize the device to fit a specific business’ needs. After taking […]