IT Support in Seattle

Your Key Partner for Information Technology Success

Your Key IT Support Partner for Information Technology Success CyberStreams has been proudly serving the Greater Seattle area’s IT Services needs since 1997. We focus on providing your business the ideal technology support to facilitate growth over the competition. This can’t be done by going overboard on IT spending! …And no single network design fits […]

What is Scareware?

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Scareware – a class of malware that specifically targets users via unethical marketing practices causing shock, anxiety, and the perception of threat.  The old method of scareware was known to warn the users that their machines are infected, then persuade them to download. Sources from Microsoft’s TechNet suggest this trend has decreased as there is a […]

Microsoft Exchange Hosted Email Encryption

As an IT Consulting Company CyberStreams has extensive experience working in highly regulated industries, so we know that it can be extremely important to our clients to protect information. That’s why CyberStreams offers Microsoft Exchange Hosted Email Encryption Services. Microsoft Exchange Hosted Email Encryption lets users send and receive encrypted emails directly from their regular […]

Windows 7 Exit Strategy

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Companies running Windows 7 as their primary OS should start reevaluating their OS needs. To embrace or dismiss Windows 8? What should businesses do after support ends for Windows 7? Instead businesses should learn from the Windows XP ordeal as the outdated OS caused major security vulnerabilities. Switching existing PCs and laptops to Windows 8 […]