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Your Thermostat Can Be A Gateway For Criminals To Break Into Your Home

We truly live in a smart world, don’t we? How many “smart” devices do you use every day to take care of your daily routines automatically? Between your home and your business, probably quite a few, and that number will only grow year after year as new technologies are developed to save time and effort. […]

Need to Speed Up Your Computer? Want to Know What Programs are Safe to Remove?

Business computer users often complain about the speed of their computers. “If it would only work faster!” is what we are told over and over when we take over a new client from a previous IT company. Speed is the name of the game when it comes to maintaining productivity and efficiency in a modern […]

How to: AutoArchive Outlook Folders

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Activate the AutoArchive feature with Microsoft Outlook 2013 in three easy steps. The Outlook mailbox grows as items are created just like papers piling up next to your desk. It’s as simple as discarding that outdated newspaper you have laying on your desk. You can automatically archive Outlook folders and specify where the archive is […]

How to: Manage SharePoint Content by Using the Content Organizer

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Check out our how to guide designed to manage content on your SharePoint Site. This feature is not enabled by default on SharePoint Online. Content Organizer is a SharePoint feature that has the ability to automatically manage important library tasks. Here are some key features of Content Organizer: Route documents to different libraries or folders […]