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Think Before You Swipe: 3 Shocking Places You Never Realized Were Dangerous for Using YOUR Debit Card!

Would you feel comfortable handing a thief access to your checking account? No? We don’t blame you. As data breaches continue to rise, there’s a lot of focus on using credit cards safely, but debit cards can actually present a greater risk. How? Well, credit card users can simply decline charges and not pay the […]

Is Your Router Opening Your Business to Cybercrime? You Might Have Been Given the Misfortune Cookie!

A critical flaw has been discovered in over 12 million routers that could open up a network to easy hijacking by cybercriminals. Is your business safe from cybercrime? Find out for certain with the security experts at {company} – call us at {phone} today for a vulnerability assessment. The security researchers at Check Point Software […]

How secure is your Seattle & Bellevue technology from a Cyber Attack?

Did you know that cybercrime impacts 87% of businesses worldwide every year? There was a 91% increase in targeted attack campaigns since 2013, and a 62% increase in the number of actual data breaches. In fact, over 552 MILLION identities were exposed via breaches in 2013 alone. You can’t afford to take your cyber security […]

To Pay, or Not to Pay? – How to Avoid Being Held Hostage by Ransomware Cybercrime This Holiday Season

Maybe you’ve heard some hacker horror stories in your experience. All it takes is clicking one wrong link and then, BAM, malware is installed, accounts are broken into, and identities are stolen. There’s one particularly vicious tactic that some hackers use now, especially during the holidays. Once their malware is installed on their victim’s computer […]