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Apps That Will Turn Your Old Smartphone into a Security Camera

There’s a lot to keep track of when it comes to cybersecurity, and that can make it easy to forget about the real-life burglars breaking into your home or office and stealing your valuables and other belongings. Home security systems can generally keep you safe, but sometimes what you need is a much smaller camera – to see…

Why Does Your Business Need Data Backup & Disaster Recovery?

Whether it’s a human error or a natural disaster, we’ve seen businesses of all types and sizes struggle in the aftermath of disaster – from big corporations to small businesses. If you lost some, or all, of your files, what would happen to your business? Would you be able to keep serving customers? Disaster, in […]

Are You Thinking About Amazon Web Services? What You Should Know

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You may have already heard about Amazon Web Services (AWS), but it’s likely that you haven’t been given all the tips to fully understand its benefits. With AWS cloud computing your business can see improved flexibility, reduced IT expenses, and applications built to fit your unique industry needs. AWS is the complete package, not only […]

The Best – and Cheapest – Online Tax Software to Use this Year

It’s almost that time of year – now is the time to determine where you’ll go to get your tax returns done. But tax companies you used to trust, like TurboTax, have hiked up their prices. As of last year, TurboTax changed how it categorized options for online filing. They got rid of the “Basic” […]