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Will The Energizer Bunny Be Unemployed Soon?

Imagine Batteries That Last a Lifetime… Now Imagine That Dream Becoming Reality. Could Solid State Batteries Be the Answer to Your Low Battery Frustrations? A battery that lasts a lifetime seems to be the impossible dream, but researchers from Samsung and MIT have developed a new material for use in basic battery components that, according […]

Is Your IT Support Company In Love With You?

Protect Your Livelihood with The Most Reliable IT Support in {city} There’s nothing more valuable than peace of mind. When you’re constantly worried about your network, servers, and livelihood, it’s impossible to give 100% to your work. That’s why {company} provides comprehensive and reliable IT support – we work as your IT partner, so that […]

Can Biometrics Improve Data Security?

Biometric Authentication Improves your Data Security in Windows Hello With Windows 10 finally available, it’s time to start talking about the most exciting new features for your business. One of the most talked about offerings so far is Windows Hello, a technology that allows Microsoft to integrate biometric authentication into their software. Windows Hello is […]

Microsoft Releases Emergency Patch for Critical Security Flaw Found in Internet Explorer!

Running A Version of Internet Explorer Between IE7 – IE11? You’re at Risk for Malware Infection! If you’re running a supported version of Internet Explorer – from IE7 to IE11, you’re at risk for malware infection through a serious vulnerability, wherein your systems can be infected when you browse to a malware riddled website. Microsoft […]