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What Value Does Virtualization Deliver?

Companies all over the world are making the move to a virtualized environment, in order to increase their productivity and cut costs associated with infrastructure management. For those just making the switch now, these tips will help you move your company into the digital age. Identify Your Business Need What makes you consider virtualization? Do […]

Reducing Overhead with Exchange Online and Office 365

Whether you’re an established business or a new start up, Microsoft’s Exchange Online and Office 365 is a crucial key to reducing your overhead. Consider the cost of an on-premise Exchange server and everything that needs to be maintained to make it work: The hardware The operating system The Internet connection The Exchange software The […]

Is Your Organization Ready for Microsoft’s Software Audits?

The word “audit” often sends chills down an executive’s spine. Any industry utilizing Microsoft is susceptible to a Microsoft audit. No company is immune to a random audit, nor do they discriminate. What triggers an audit? There are a few key factors: Purchasing history, enterprise activity, and technology changes are some of them. Often, an […]

Wi-Fi Issues Got You Down?

This New Mini-Router Luma Has You Covered Once upon a time we were able to enjoy ultra-fast internet speed on our trusty desktop computer. We may have had to share it with everyone in the house, but as far as a strong and steady internet connection went, we were rarely let down. Wow, how times […]