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The Importance of Backup Checks

So your business has a glorified disaster recovery plan in place that you paid top dollar for – the most important part is to frequently test your backups and check for retention. Even though a backup solution is in place and one might think the worst is over, Life tends to throw curveballs. The truth […]

Chief Financial Officers Set To Make Systems Integration Their Top Focus for Technology Investments

Chief Financial Officers are the primary drivers of virtually any new application investments, and it would appear that many CFOs (chief financial officer) are eager to take advantage of analytics to gain a more granular insight into the overall performance of business. That’s according to a recent survey conducted by the financial management software company […]

Microsoft Updates OneDrive for Personal and Business Storage Plans

Recently, Microsoft decided to throttle storage for Microsoft Office 365 Personal users due to the small fraction of its user base who have been abusing the unlimited data storage allotment. Last year, Microsoft announced unlimited storage for Office 365 subscribers. Like any “unlimited” service, OneDrive for Microsoft Office 365 was prone to user abuse, especially […]

What’s Ahead for Cybercrime in 2016

It’s a New Year and that means a clean slate: time to put your expectations, assumptions, and fears behind you and focus on the future. Now, it’s crucial to look ahead and examine the current – and evolving – technology landscape and how your business will be affected. What should your organization be expecting when […]