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Protecting the Online Privacy of Your Business Does Not Have to Be Complicated

Almost every business has an online presence today. Whether it be a website or payroll database, a lot of work gets done via the Internet. And, why not? Technology has made it easy for businesses, such as mine, to save, share and communicate. The cloud, in particular, allows me to send data in real-time. An […]

Tech Start-up Using Office 365 to Stay Organized

Many small businesses struggle to share information across different departments. We recently received a call from a client who needed help integrating their remote workers into day-to-day operations. They were having a particularly difficult time making sure every team member had the information they needed to make effective decisions. They didn’t need to simply share […]

Empower Your Workforce with Strategic Bellevue IT Services

Are you tired of working with generic services that add no real value to your operations? You should be. {company} knows that too many other IT companies offer solutions that provide no real value to your business, because they simply aren’t aligned with your needs. When it comes to technology, a carefully crafted strategic plan […]

Monitoring Employee Internet Usage

When employees email and surf the web with company computers, it is legal to monitor their usage, but is it ethical? Monitoring can help prevent employee theft, sabotage, or lawsuits. For example, your company may be legally liable if an employee spends time on websites with illegal content, or downloads material from the Web that […]