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Hospital Attacked Multiple Times by Ransomware

A recent ransomware attack hit Kansas Heart Hospital. Ransomware attacks have been frequent, as the hospital suffered from multiple demands for payment. In the first attack, the hospital decided to pay a small amount of ransom to regain access to their systems. Then, a second attack emerged, and they refused to pay for the second […]

Top 5 Laptop Security Tips for Frequent Flyers

Carrying a mobile device is now necessary to stay connected with your Enterprise. It’s difficult to dismiss or imagine business without it. Most importantly where does one save their documents? Gone are the days of saving sensitive data onto the hard-drive. Lost or stolen devices are the norm, especially at an airport. Backup Before Your […]

How to Prevent Downtime From Paralyzing Your Business

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Downtime has the potential to cripple your business, especially if you don’t have a formidable budget in place for IT services. The issue really becomes a problem when it occurs regularly. Frequent downtime does plenty more than negatively impact the bottom line. It also causes widespread frustration that hangs like a dismal black cloud over […]

Held Hostage: Is Your Business Information at Risk for Ransom?

These days, being held for ransom has taken on a whole new meaning–and your business technology’s biggest threat is virtual, persistent, and extremely difficult to pin down. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), ransomware attacks are on the rise—and businesses are becoming increasingly targeted over individual consumers due to their ability and willingness […]