IT Support in Seattle

Network Administrator / IT Systems Engineer

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Salary $55-75k depending on experience

Passwords: Upping Your A-Game

A few ways to up your password game and why you should change your password often. Upping your password strategy isn’t brain surgery, but it should definitely take more thought. Since a weak password can easily make you a target and result in the loss of your valuable information (or even your identity), we’re going […]

Windows Bloatware Removal Tools and Techniques

Most new desktop and notebook PCs come with annoying preinstalled toolbars, applications and utilities. They often distract users with unnecessary notifications. Some also slow down computers, reduce privacy, create security risks and waste hard disk space. “Bloatware” has become a popular nickname for these hard-to-remove programs. As a Tripwire security analyst recently said, “Bloatware needs […]

The U.S. Presidential Race becomes More Bizarre?

Just when many people began to believe the 2016 U.S. presidential race couldn’t become any more bizarre, The Democratic National Committee (DNC) revealed that hackers had stolen and leaked sensitive documents, including a 200-page opposition research book detailing aspects of the party’s battle plan for the coming election. The DNC confirmed that its computer networks […]