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Reduce Stress During An Office Move

A poorly managed office relocation is a recipe for broken expensive equipment, increased stress levels, and headaches for both employees and clients. The following post is dedicated to helping you reduce stress during your office move. From planning tips to successfully orchestrating the digital components, these three tips will help you avoid the most common […]

Is Pokemon Go a Security Threat?

It’s all the rage these days; there’s no doubt that Pokemon Go! has hit it big with users. You can hardly avoid people gushing about their latest catches on a host of social media platforms, or perhaps you’ve seen them wandering the streets with smartphones in hand. Fun and games aside, this fun little diversion […]

Reasons You Need Managed IT

Managed IT is a necessity when it comes to small business. Here’s a look at why managed IT is important. Why Managed IT Services Are Essential IT services are necessary for the success of any organization, no matter how large or small it may be. As competition increases, small business owners and CEOs are often […]

5 tips for smarter workplace passwords

It’s easy to point a finger and have a good laugh at other people’s weak passwords. But the scary thing is, according to the nbn network, some of the favourite passwords for Aussies and Kiwis are “123456”, “12345678”, “password” and “qwerty” (the six top left keys on most keyboards). An annual ranking by SplashData indicates […]