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Cyber Security Predictions

There have been so many breaches in the last year, we have learned new lessons that we should have known before. We should also keep in mind that history tends to repeat itself, which means your cyber security is constantly at risk.  I will provide you with my top 7 cyber security predictions going forward. […]

Yahoo Data Theft –A Good Reason to Regularly Change Passwords

In case you needed another reason for regularly changing your passwords, the recently-uncovered Yahoo hack of 500 million accounts is probably the reason of the decade so far. The hack and subsequent data theft involving half a billion Yahoo accounts is the largest of its kind – ever. Granted, it is Yahoo, where most people […]

Legal Practices Soar in Efficiency When Taking to the Cloud

If you are like most attorneys, you have some experience with the cloud. While some lawyers use the cloud for nothing more than a “to-do” list and perhaps a calendar, others have embraced the cloud and have what is considered a virtual law office. What are they doing that you might want to do too? […]

Could Email Security Concerns Drive a Fax Industry Revival?

With a rise in telecommuting, alongside ever-growing concerns about email security, such as the “sale” of nearly 200 million Yahoo email accounts on the dark web, as well as numerous other security breaches involving hacked and phished email accounts, the shaky ground on which email usability stands could give way to a resurgence in the […]