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New Chip-Reading Card Readers May Be Flawed

With much arguing with the retail and entertainment industry, EMV is rolling out in the United States. This is a newer technology that helps the credit card industry fight against card counterfeiters. EMV is an acronym for Europay MasterCard and Visa first introduced in Europe, and now at the urging of issuing banks and MasterCard […]

Meeting the Challenges of VoIP Effectively

Although VoIP (Voiceover Internet Protocol) technology has been touted as a communications cure-all by many small-to-midsized businesses, especially in the cost-cutting department, VoIP presents many challenges. These challenges mainly concern: Integrative complexity Security vulnerabilities Network quality of service Overall reliability These challenges, however, seem to rarely be discussed in IT department circles – at least […]

Preventing iPhone Data Breaches

Knowing the Privacy Settings on Your iPhone Could Avert a Data Breach Getting to know the privacy settings on your iPhone could be more than just being familiar with the operations of your smartphone – it could literally save you from a costly data breach mishap. Most iPhone and smart phone users don’t realize that […]