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Reasons To Have In-house Storage

Although many people argue it, storing all of your documents and data in the cloud is not always the best option. This article showcases when it is smart to store in-house. Everyone is talking about the cloud these days but there are still some great reasons to keep your storage off of it. Sure, it […]

Why Relying on a Free Antivirus Program Puts Your Business at Serious Risk

There are a ton of fantastic free programs and applications available online today. If you know where to look, there is a solution for just about any problem – technical or otherwise – that won’t cost you a penny. Most of the time, these programs and apps are perfectly safe and come from a reputable […]

Your Business’ Data Backups Are Only As Good As Your Testing Process

Routine data backups are a crucial component of your business’ overall IT infrastructure maintenance process. Your backups are what protects your business in the event of a crisis like a cyber attack, system failure, or power outage. A carefully thought out recovery plan can help your business overcome just about anything life decides to throw […]

Challenges and Opportunities in Data Mining in the Insurance Industry

Data mining in the insurance industry is extremely important and crucial to the process of information gathering by companies who indemnify those dependent on accurate coverage, and who wish to improve customer communication and compliance issues. This article will outline how insurance companies can benefit from using modern data mining methodologies to reduce costs, increase […]