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20 Years of Viruses, Bugs and Computer Scams

There are viruses that can be implanted on a computer in 2017, and lie in wait until a network becomes vulnerable before attacking. Unfortunately, viruses have come a long way from 20 years ago. The term virus was coined early on in computer history, but it’s every bit as relevant today as it was then. […]

Protect Confidential Financial Information This Tax Season

We’re joining with the Internal Revenue Service to urge caution among US taxpayers this season, recommending anti-identity theft measures that include using strong passwords, maintaining security software, avoiding phishing scams, and limiting access to personal data by using encrypted sites only.   As part of our effort to provide technology guidance and IT support to […]

Meet Locky – The Most Dangerous Form of Ransomware

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Ransomware attacks spiked in 2016, with over 634 million more attacks than the year before. Locky, the most prevalent form of ransomware today, accounted for about 500 million of these attacks. In second place came Peyta, but it was well behind with only 32 million attacks. Locky was born in February of 2016 and by […]

Adobe and Microsoft Beef Up Cyber Security

Updates from Adobe and Microsoft reduce the risk of hacking from the Flash Player and Chrome browser, with patches that protect your system. With security updates regularly needed, Adobe and Microsoft have just come out with new updates to help keep their products and your data more secure. With many holes in the Flash Player […]