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Is AI Getting Too Powerful?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is at the forefront of new developments in computer science. But is it safe?  According to experts, it could be “the best, or the worst, thing that to ever happen to humanity.” Devastating battles are depicted in the scenes of dystopian, sci-fi movies, where computer-controlled armies defeat human-led forces. Luckily, for our […]

Tips and Tricks for Using Excel To Its Full Potential

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Microsoft’s Excel is a powerful tool that can calculate, graph, organize and filter data. There are Excel formulas for doing almost anything, but sometimes the problem is knowing the formula. Check out our Excel productivity tips below, they will help you work more efficiently and do less manual work. Select All with One Click Most […]

Boost Your Productivity With Microsoft Word

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Most of us are familiar with the basics of Word, but often we may muddle through some actions that Word has already built shortcuts to. Check out these great productivity tips and become even more of a Word pro! Make Vertical Text Selections Most of the time when we select text it is horizontally, but […]

Small Businesses Are Growing Due to the Benefits Office 365 Provides.

Yours Can Too. When business owners regale the virtues of Office 365, others listen and say, “Well, maybe one day we’ll look into it.” The problem with this kind of thinking is that it puts O365 in a box only reserved for larger companies, and that’s not how the platform is designed to work. Many […]