IT Support in Seattle

CyberStreams Leading the Charge for Cybercrime Prevention in Washington!

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We’re Partnering with SonicWall for A Can’t-Miss Cybersecurity Webinar! The team of local IT experts from CyberStreams is issuing an open call to local business owners. They will be hosting an open-to-the-public webinar titled Don’t Just Be a Security Monitor – Prevent Breaches Before They Strike. The webinar, in partnership with the cybersecurity giants at […]

What Is The True Cost Of Downtime?

Downtime is bad for business. That is not a revolutionary or even controversial claim. It’s a fact. For small businesses of less than 100 people, that downtime could mean up to $8,000 dollars per hour. For medium-sized businesses that cost can jump to $74,000 per hour! The main cost of downtime is not the fix […]

Awesome Tips To Make You A PowerPoint Rockstar

Learn These Productivity Tips To Get More Out Of PowerPoint Many of us probably started using PowerPoint well before our first jobs, for school or college presentations. We learned the basics and fiddled with finding the best background. Professional presentations should go a step further – read on for some tips to make your PowerPoint […]

And the award for ‘Worst Leak of Personal Info Ever’ goes to….Equifax!

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This Equifax breach is among the worst data breaches seen so far as it may have exposed as many as 143 million Americans personal and financial data – including social security numbers. Data breaches have become familiar news items, but not all data breaches have the same impact. If the data breached is just your […]