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Strand v8.0 Software Management Platform

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Freedom to choose hardware Compatible with Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox Video Motion Detection Centralized recording environment with remote management/viewing capabilities Unlimited number of recording servers Dual matrix configurations – individual user and video wall Icon-based camera identification

The integration of powerful Computing and a/V Components

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The integration of powerful computing and rapidly developing visual technology can be seen in consumer industries such as ondemand television, digital cameras, and mobile phones; specialized markets that use powerful computing and a/v technologies have not seen comparable integration: many surveillance technology companies continue to distribute analog security technologies that offer limited functionality. As the […]

Progressive benefits

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Strand’s innovative, enterprise solution offers essential tools necessary to provide a robust user- customizable experience. From camera bookmarks, individual user and video wall matrix options, icon-based camera identifications to an enterprise camera search engine, Strand’s enterprise solution continues to surpass industry standards.

Regularly Scheduled Management

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CyberStreams, Inc. provides virtual IT administration services for small and medium sized businesses. When it comes to technology, we can help increase your business productivity and at the same time lower costs. Think of us as your “Outsourced IT Department