IT Support in Seattle


Technology is advancing faster than ever before. We can now connect and create on a broader scale than many ever thought possible. However, as our technology advances, people are questioning the security of these cutting-edge systems. While most of our private and confidential information is thought to be protected, the truth is disheartening. Hard drives […]

Work-From-Home Tax Credits for Businesses in Washington State

Commuting in Seattle has steadily gotten worse, but a Washington senator has proposed something that may help: incentivizing businesses to allow employees to telecommute. The bill, sponsored by Senator Kevin Van de Wege, would give companies a tax break for allowing employees to work remotely. It would offer a $500 per employee tax credit for […]

The Key to Winning the Age Old Battle for Privacy on LinkedIn is…

LinkedIn, the increasingly popular business and employment-focused social networking site is a crucial tool for professionals who are happily employed or still searching for the job of their dreams. It’s a fantastic place for you to network with others in your field or reconnect with old co-workers from the past. Regardless of what you’re using […]

The Top 5 Tech Trends for Seattle Businesses in 2018

Technology is evolving faster than ever. Sometimes trends that seem promising – like virtual reality – fall a little flat while others explode. Check out our predictions for 2018’s tech trends: The Proliferation of Blockchain: Blockchain was not new to 2017, though it was undeniably one of 2017’s tech buzzwords. A search for ‘blockchain’ on […]