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Understanding Microsoft Office 365 (Product Review)

This article is basically an overview of what Microsoft Office 365 is. Virtually, there is nothing new especially to those who are already using Microsoft Office products; only a few enhancements to better your user experience. To start off, we will have a historical evolution of Office to give you a clear understanding of where […]

Network Attached Storage Backups (Questions/Answers)

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Are you sure that network-attached storage (NAS) is the be-all, end-all of data backup? Admittedly, NAS technology offers a powerful way to both promote collaboration through simple data sharing in your office, as well as implement a single level of backup capability.

Microsoft Security: Common Security Threats

Common Security Threats and How Microsoft Security Helps Mitigate Them Advanced modern technologies such as cloud computing and virtualization have completely revolutionized the workforce. Remote working arrangements have now become increasingly commonplace. Along with this advancement is an expanded network footprint characterized by myriads of virtualized workloads. This includes personal devices and computers that represent […]

Stopping Cyber Threats In Small Business (Training/Education)

Best Way to Improve Cybersecurity? Train Your Employees! Why an informed team is your organizations best defense against cybercriminals Cyber attacks and data loss are the last thing any organization wants to fall victim to. In an increasingly digital workforce, companies are investing in all kinds of cybersecurity efforts to ensure the bad guys can’t […]