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New Android Malware Can Drain Your PayPal Account 

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Do you own an Android device?  Are you a PayPal user?  If you answered yes to both of those questions, you have something new to worry about. A limited number of versions of an app called “Optimization Battery” contains a Trojan designed to steal money from PayPal accounts, including those that are protected by two-factor […]

Microsoft May Be Replacing Their Edge Browser

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Three years ago, Microsoft decided to retire their beleaguered Internet Explorer browser.  It was a disaster, riddled with critical security flaws and technologically far behind Chrome and Firefox.  The company vowed to do better, so they started fresh and introduced Microsoft Edge. It was designed to compete head to head with the big name browsers […]

If Your Password is On This List, Change It Now

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The annual list of the worst passwords in use during 2018 has just been published by SplashData. This year’s list features a number of the usual suspects, but there are also a few new entries.     Here are the ten worst passwords in use, according to the data: 123456 password 123456789 12345678 12345 111111 […]

Google Plus May Shut Down Early Due To New Vulnerability

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If you’re a Google Plus user, you’re probably already aware that Google has plans to bring an end to the service. What you may not know is that recently, Google+ suffered another breach in a long string of breaches. This most recent incident put the private information of more than 52 million users at risk. […]