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Windows 7 Support Ends In 2020, So Plan To Upgrade

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Bad news is on the horizon if you’re one of the surprising number of people still using Windows 7.  Microsoft is only offering one more year of free support.  As of January 14th, 2020, you’ll no longer have access to critical security updates. While support will end entirely for individual consumers, businesses will still be […]

Scammers Are Using Direct Deposit Requests To Steal Money 

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Last year, the FBI issued a warning regarding BEC (Business Email Compromise) scams.  Unfortunately, security professionals report that those types of scams are increasing in frequency, and worse, the most recent ones come with a disturbing new twist. The latest incarnation of the scam targets employees, seeking to move their direct deposited paychecks into accounts […]

Privacy Advocates Win With Biometric Mobile Device Ruling 

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A recent court ruling handed privacy advocates a big, and much needed win.  Prior to the ruling, law enforcement officials were in the habit of compelling “persons of interest” to unlock their phones via their face scan or fingerprint so that investigators could examine it. A US judge has now ruled that this is unacceptable, […]

New Windows 10 Updates Will Use 7 GB Of Space

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Microsoft has angered a portion of their user base with a change that’s coming in the next build of Windows 10.  As of the next build, the OS will reserve a whopping seven GB of space on your hard drive, so that big updates don’t fail for lack of space.  Unfortunately, the change means that […]