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New Survey Shows People Still Have Bad Password Habits

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For the last several years, industry experts have been sounding the alarm about password security.  We’ve known for quite some time that one of the biggest weak spots in corporate security is the fact that employee passwords are notoriously weak. Millions have been spent on security education.  Seminars have been held on the dangers of […]

GSuite Now Offers Better Android Mobile App Management Options

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GSuite has added an important new bit of functionality in the form of Android App Management, which comes in two basic flavors.  There are some things you can do using the company’s basic app management console, but to get access to the full range of features, you’ll need to set up an advanced account. It’s […]

Mac Keychain Bug Could Be Big Problem For Apple

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An independent security researcher named Henze has discovered a potentially devastating macOS exploit that’s been dubbed Keychain, and he has posted a video demonstrating it in action. Henze has discovered other vulnerabilities in the past, so Apple was quick to take note. Here’s the problem, though: he’s frustrated that Apple’s Bug Bounty program only applies […]

Facebook Messenger Unsend Feature Is Now Available

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Several months ago, Facebook announced a new feature that would be coming soon to Messenger. Initially, the company didn’t set a timetable for the often asked for delete functionality, but it recently made its way into the code base and is now ready for use. Granted, it’s got limitations, but is a big step in […]