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2018 Was The Record Breaking Year For Data Breaches

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We knew fairly early in the year that 2018 was on track to beat 2017 and set a new record for the number of data breaches in the year. Afterall, 2017 had shattered 2016’s record the year before.  Now that the final numbers are in though, we can see just how big an increase we’ve […]

Thunderbolt Vulnerability Could Allow Hackers Access

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A new vulnerability was revealed to the world at the 2019 NDSS security conference. It’s a grim one with the potential to impact FreeBSD, Linux, Windows and Mac systems worldwide. Dubbed ‘Thunderclap,’ the flaw can be exploited to impact the way that Thunderbolt-based peripherals connect and interact with a target system. If you’re not familiar […]

Social Media Is Big Business For Criminals

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The rise of Social Media has been a game changer for businesses around the world, creating opportunities for customer engagement that were previously unimaginable.  Unfortunately, business owners aren’t the only ones reaping the benefits of Social Media.  The hackers of the world are in on the game too, and for them, Social Media represents a […]

Nvidia Drivers Should Be Updated For Security Issues

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If you use a Nvidia graphics card, be aware that the company has recently released their first security patch of 2019, bearing the ID # 4772.  It’s an important one in that it addresses eight security flaws that leave un-patched systems vulnerable to attack. It should be noted that none of the flaws addressed in […]