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Driver In Some WiFi Devices Could Allow Hackers Access

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You almost certainly do not know the name Hugues Anguelkov.  He’s an intern working for Quarkslab, where he spends his time researching potential security issues. He’s also a bit of an unsung hero because he recently uncovered a string of five devastating vulnerabilities in the Broadcom wl driver and the open-source brcmfmac driver for Broadcom […]

Reading Articles On Updated Google Chrome Will Become Easier

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Google has some good news for PC users who surf the web using their Chrome browser.  Google is adding a new feature called “Reader Mode”, which will strip out unnecessary background clutter with the goal of making articles easier to read.  The new feature is currently available in the company’s experimental Canary release, so if […]

Latest Scam Involves People’s Social Security Numbers

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There’s a new scam making the rounds, and it’s a particularly nasty one involving your social security number.  Here’s how it works: You may get a robocall seemingly from the government, claiming that there’s a problem with your Social Security number. The call also states that your account has been flagged for suspected fraudulent activity. You’ll […]

Removing USB Gets Easier In Windows 10 Update

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Microsoft has recently rolled out a small but important change where USB connected devices are concerned.  The changes have been heralded as an improvement by some and seen as a step backward by others. In particular, the company has tweaked the way Windows 10 handles the process of disconnecting a USB or Thunderbolt storage device. […]