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New Ransomware Looks Like An Anti-Virus Installation

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Dharma is a highly successful ransomware strain. It recently has been made even more successful by a change in the way the hackers controlling it are deploying it. The first part of their latest campaign remains unchanged.¬† They rely on well-crafted phishing emails to lure employees in. The key difference, however, lies in the particulars […]

This Ransomware Was Inspired By The Matrix Movie

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There’s a new threat in the world of ransomware to be aware of, known as MegaCortex. Based on its design, it seems clear that the malware’s authors drew inspiration from the movie, ‘The Matrix.’ It first made an appearance near the start of the year but it wasn’t widely employed by hackers, and as such, […]

Samsung Will Soon Offer Smartphones With 64MP Image Sensor

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Samsung is upping the ante in the smartphone world. The company recently announced that they will be introducing 48-mp and 64-mp image sensors for smartphones launching in the fall of 2019. Both sensors employ the company’s Isocell Plus and Tetracell technology. The former was designed to reduce light leakage, and the latter utilizes four pixels […]

Amazon Sellers Dealing With Increased Hacking And Fraud

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Amazon has a problem. If you’re an Amazon shopper, that means you have a problem. The company recently revealed that more than a hundred sellers using the company’s platform were victims of what the company is describing as an “extensive fraud operation.” Only a few specifics are known about the conduct of the fraud operation. […]