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New Spyware Is Targeting WhatsApp Messages

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Recently, Kaspersky Labs has identified a new strain of malware to be concerned about, and it is spreading across the internet. Called FinSpy, it specifically targets WhatsApp on both Android and iOS devices.  An analysis of the code reveals that the spyware was created by a German company called Gamma Group, and that it is […]

Google Home Device Recordings May Not Be Private

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Do you own a Google Home?  If so, you probably find it to be indispensable.  It’s a powerful, genuinely helpful piece of technology, but there’s a catch.  It’s so good and so useful because it listens constantly for voice commands from you.  Those commands get recorded. Recently, Google acknowledged that it hires third-party contractors to […]

Apple Turns Off Mac OS Feature For Security Concerns

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Apple is in the news again, but not for anything good. Jonathan Leitschuh, a security researcher, recently unearthed a serious security flaw that allowed a hacker to activate a Mac computer’s webcam without alerting the computer’s owner. The problem is a program called Zoom. The Zoom software installs a web server on the owner’s computer, […]

Android Devices May Soon Get New Fast Sharing Feature

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Google’s first attempt at making it possible for Android users to share files with each other was called Android Beam. While it was functional, it left a lot to be desired, and never really caught on. That fact prompted the company to announce that it would be calling a halt to further Beam development in preference […]