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Gmail Users Will Get Updated Spelling and Grammar Assistance

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There are changes afoot in Gmail designed to help improve the quality of your writing using new AI features. These features will auto correct simple spelling errors and offer suggestions to improve your grammar. As the company notes in a recent blog post on the matter: “If you’re working against deadlines to write a lot […]

Payment Forms Cause Large Amount Of Online Data Breaches

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When surveying the state of your company’s security, it’s important to understand what your biggest risks are. According to the 2019 Application Report published by F5 Labs, the answer is simple. Fully 71 percent of all web-related data breaches in 2018 specifically targeted customers’ financial information. The single biggest culprit?  Formjacking.  According to F5’s Senior […]

Choice Hotel Data Breach Affects up To 700,000 Customers

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Recently, an independent researcher named Bob Diachenko worked collaboratively with Comparitech. They discovered an unsecured database containing nearly 700,000 hotel records belonging to Choice Hotels.  Unfortunately, although Diachenko reported his finding to the company, hackers had beaten him to the punch and had already downloaded the file. They are now demanding a ransom for its […]

Study On Passwords Shows People Still Use Breached Passwords

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Google recently released a large-scale password study that will probably give every IT manager in the country heartburn. The results of their study indicate that a disturbing percentage of users continue to use passwords after they’ve been warned that those passwords have been compromised.   One of the most common tactics hackers employ is called ‘password […]