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Password protection is a go-to security measure for a reason. It’s a simple, straightforward, and effective way to protect important data, accounts, and applications.

Yet it seems like everywhere you look, someone is offering up tips and tricks to make passwords more secure, and a lot of them seem to contradict one another. If security experts can’t agree on what makes a great password, how are you supposed to trust that yours is going to cut it?

By Taking The Pressure Off Of Your Password And Adding An Extra Layer To Your Business’ Security.

Simply put, a good password is one you can remember easily. A great password is one you can remember easily, and is backed up by Two-Factor Authentication technology.

And the Two-Factor Authentication services Cyberstreams offers through ESET is the best of the best.

Two-Factor Authentication (sometimes referred to as 2 factor authentication or 2 point authentication) functions as a secondary login requirement. A pass code or password required in addition to your existing password.

ESET Secure Authentication uses 2FA OTP – Two-Factor Authentication One Time Passwords to provide extra data protection against compromised passwords. ESET Secure Authentication integrates easily with your RADIUS-based services, API, or SDK, and can be used to:

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  • Protect your company’s VPN
  • Add extra security to desktop login
  • Secure web/cloud services through platforms such as Office 365
  • Secure Microsoft Web Apps, such as OWA

It’s easy one-tap mobile instillation, flexible integration with existing security measures, and ability to help with PCI-DSS and HIPAA compliance are just a few of the reasons Cyberstreams is thrilled to be able to offer this amazing service to our clients.

Our partnership with ESET grants us access to some incredible IT security tools, and ESET Secure Authentication is one we love to recommended.

Ready to put Two-Factor Authentication from ESET to work for your business?Get in touch with Cyberstreams at {email} or {phone}.We’re the IT security professionals businesses in Seattle trust.