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How to Add a Logo or Picture to Your SharePoint Site

By:Christine Fettinger

I find that personalizing the technology I use everyday helps me to maintain focus and productivity. In Managing Information Technology in a Global Environment, Mehdi Khosrowpour writes that “personalization,” or “making an access to information more responsive to the unique and individual needs of each user,” is a “mean to cope with information overflow.” If you’re someone who uses Microsoft Office 365 to maintain a list of tasks, organize your calendar, or any other daily function, adding a personalized header to your SharePoint site can bring some color and uniqueness to an otherwise stale virtual environment. Some like to add their company’s logo to the top of the site, but if the specific SharePoint site is for your own personal use rather than a company project, consider tailoring an image or incorporating colors that are significant to you. Once you have created an image, follow these directions to upload it to your SharePoint site:

1. Under “Site Actions,” click “More Options…”


2. Select “Picture Library” to create a place to store photos. Name it and click “Create”.


3. Go to your new picture library, which should be visible in your left menu. Click “Upload,” then select your personalized image. Once your photo appears in your picture library, click it twice until it shows up in its own window. Copy the URL and then click back.


4. Under “Site Actions,” click “Site Settings”.


5. Under “Look and Feel,” click “Title, description and icon”.


6. Across from “Logo URL and description,” paste in image URL into the blank box and click “OK” at the bottom to save your changes.


7. You should now see your new image displayed in the top left corner of your site.