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Does A Hacker Have A Foothold In Your Network Without You Knowing It?

By:Christine Fettinger

CyberStreams Advanced Security Services

Managed Detection & Response That Stops A Hacker Before He Gets A Foothold

Imagine that you’re a hacker targeting a business with weak IT security. You know that the accounts payable department will read every invoice that comes in. So, you email the accountant a spreadsheet with a malicious code. The accountant opens it, clicks “Enable Macros,” and boom – you’re in! Now, all you have to do is maintain access to steal their confidential data. This is called a persistent foothold.

Advanced IT Security

This happens every day–and it can happen to you without you knowing. The hacker has established their foothold in your network and is lurking in the background, eating up your data. If a cyber attacker can gain a foothold into your network, the rest of it will fall like a row of dominoes.

Security solutions such as next-generation firewalls don’t offer protection against these advanced, targeted attacks. You need more protection than what you used in the past.

Are Hackers Hiding In Your Network?

Cyber attackers continually create new ways to hide their code and conceal the presence of malware.  There’s no such thing as a totally defended network. You must catch issues early to minimize damage to your IT assets. This requires constant vigilance.

CyberStreams Advanced Security Services plugs gaps in the usual arsenal of security tools.

  • It drastically decreases the time hackers remain undetected on your computers and servers;
  • Minimizes the risk that your data will be stolen or compromised; and
  • Saves you money on remediation by stopping attacks early.

CyberStreams Advanced Security Services frequently detects malware on business IT systems that have up-to-date, respected, name-brand virus protection on board. Even if they are thoroughly scanned on a daily basis, the virus protections used may fail to find and catch hackers hiding in computers and servers. Our Security Services immediately find malware that has slipped past reputable anti-virus software.

We Kick Out The Hackers Before They Can Breach Your IT System

The way to block a cyber attack is to control privileged access. Privileged access is needed because it allows the attacker to move freely within your IT environment. By focusing on this and tightening up the privileged access, you can stop attackers from gaining a crucial foothold to rob and exploit your system. And when you can do this, a cyber attack can be mitigated.

CyberStreams Advanced Security Services hunt for the techniques that hackers use to gain and maintain access to your data. It’s like having a dedicated security analyst overlooking your network to get rid of hackers before they gain a foothold on your system. As soon as the hacker gains access to your network, we kick them out.

Our breach detection service searches for the unaddressed techniques that hackers use to maintain access to your IT network. It collects and analyzes metadata before an application executes, when a computer boots up, or when one of your users logs in.

We make hackers earn every inch of their access in the networks we protect. Our advanced Security Services instantly discover new and existing hacker footholds before they get a chance to infect your computers and system.

Think of this as your front-line defense against cyber attacks. When a breach is detected, we remove it and fix any damage the hacker left behind.

What Makes CyberStreams Advanced Security Services So Unique?

This is an automated, 24/7 process that you never have to worry about. It’s a new security solution we can now deploy as part of our layered preventive security. With it, you’ll have a cyber-breach detection capability that:

  • Quickly detects if you’ve already been hacked.
  • Locates the viruses and malware that get past virus protection.
  • Reports malicious applications back to us.
  • Addresses the persistent footholds that allow hackers to go undetected.
  • Detects the compromise before the situation escalates and hurts your business.
  • Performs “routine health screenings” on each of your computers regardless of their location.
  • Remediates the issue to ensure the security of your IT.

Early Detection Prevents Costly Cleanups

Breach Timeline Without CyberStreams Advanced Security Services

Breach Timeline With CyberStreams Advanced Security Services

Why Is This Approach So Effective?

Most antivirus software focuses primarily on the actions that have already been performed. They also use static tools to identify known malware files. But, because viruses are constantly evolving, and hacker footholds have been mainly ignored, cyber attackers are still successfully using the same malware techniques they used back in Windows 95.

CyberStreams Advanced Security Services puts a stop to this by detecting and eliminating new and existing footholds regardless of the location in your network. Questionable, but unknown behaviors are flagged for review by a team of security experts. That makes this solution much more than merely looking for patterns of known malware like most antivirus software does.

Does a hacker have a foothold on your network without you knowing it?

Remember, if a hacker can gain a foothold onto your network, the rest of the network will fall. Previous to now, small and mid-sized businesses had to invest in expensive tools with sub-par solutions to protect their IT networks. Now, you can take control with CyberStreams Advanced Security Services and affordably defend your network. Contact us to learn more.

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