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Are You Thinking About Amazon Web Services? What You Should Know

By:Christine Fettinger

You may have already heard about Amazon Web Services (AWS), but it’s likely that you haven’t been given all the tips to fully understand its benefits. With AWS cloud computing your business can see improved flexibility, reduced IT expenses, and applications built to fit your unique industry needs. AWS is the complete package, not only streamlining the way you do work and improving overall quality, but also keeping you safe while doing so.

Backup & Recovery Keeps Your Data Safe

  • ASW gives your business cost-effective solutions like cloud storage, where we’ll encrypt your data and keep it safe – storing multiple copies with the utmost in security.
  • Alleviate the need to manage confusing hardware and pay for only the storage you use.
  • We provide tools for quick and easy system recovery in the case of critical IT disasters – you’ll never lose work, wages, or clients due to downtime again

All The Applications You Need

Amazon Web Services provide a number of tools and applications designed to keep your business running smoothly and at peak performance. Specifically geared towards the business we work with, you’ll find AWS apps the ultimate tool for working effectively.

  • We host applications for nearly any type of business, from government organizations, non-profits, to big corporations
  • SAP, Oracle, Exchange and many other hosted applications simplify infrastructure management, deploy quickly, and lower business costs

Peace of Mind

Get work done without worrying about your security or data protection. AWS offers a full range of cost-effective services and applications geared towards today’s business needs. You don’t have to worry about your system and work quality when working with Amazon Web Services.

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