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Android 2.2 vs. Windows Phone 7

By:Christine Fettinger

It’s a busy mobile marketplace out there with lots of options. At CyberStreams, we use and recommend Windows Mobile but some of us recently made the switch to Android 2.2. Were we too hasty; should we have waited for the prolonged release of the Windows Phone7 (WP7)? I’ll let you decide.

Starting with the basics, both of these products are mobile OS’ that are designed to make life (business and personal) simpler and more efficient. At the end of the day, both Android 2.2 and the WP7 will help you accomplish this, but which is easier to live with?Which one of these products will make you smile, or rather which one of these products won’t make you wince every time you require mobile services?

There are obviously a lot of similarities between Android 2.2 and WP7; both offer free maps functions and email. Both operating system are GSM and CDMA capable as well as offering their own version of the Office Suite. So then, the differences: each one of the products listed above as a similarity are similar in function, but because each is made by its respective parent company, Google and Microsoft, each is different in its own idiosyncrasies. For example, the email function for Android is through Gmail whereas WP7 offers Outlook.

Further differences include the fact that WP7 will let you directly access the Zune store and Xbox Live, whereas Android has no comparable services in the areas of music and games. On the other hand, as an advantage for Android, it offers tethering through USB and WiFi. Although, it is a possibility that WP7 may also have this functionality it is at the moment unknown. Another advantage for Android is that WP7 will not be upgradable, meaning that if you currently have a WinMo phone you won’t be able to use WP7 on it.

Thus, it would seem that the slight edge would go to Android 2.2 especially seeing as it is already available. But consider this, the mobile marketplace is a bit of an arms race and as a consumer you can’t really go wrong with buying up-to-date technology. So I would suggest going after the best deals, or be like me and get one of each!