CyberStreams provides Office 365 support for companies in Tacoma, WA. Our comprehensive Office 365 consulting services will help you make the most of the platform's robust productivity features. Whether it's for business or personal purposes, call us today to speak to one of our highly-experienced Office 365 consultants about your needs.

Since cloud technology advancement, Office 365 easily adopted cloud computing capabilities. With a cloud-based platform, you can save your work while in NY and access it in LA, with no flash drive and no additional credentials required. The best thing about Office 365 being in the cloud is, it will open the document you were working on exactly where you left off. Now is that magic or what?

Collaborate freely whenever, wherever
Office 365 makes team collaboration a breeze. Although it may sound obvious, the fact that the Office 365 core system for storage doesn't need a physical server, files are accessible virtually everywhere and can be opened by multiple users at the same time!

Account and email security features
Apart from user account management, such as multi-factor authentication and identity protection, Microsoft recently added security features to Office 365. These enhancements give business users peace-of-mind whenever they send an email, share a link, or forward an attachment.

Explore and integrate
Office 365 integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office and other Microsoft programs. It takes just a few minutes to create a trial account that users can test and integrate with the cloud.

No licensing issues
Office 365 includes all licensing and it can be deployed company-wide. This means that everyone has the same version of Microsoft Office, and all users receive upgrades at the same time.

Get organized
When you use Office 365, email, calendar and contacts are all synchronized. Update a contact on your mobile phone and it will be automatically updated across all your devices. You can also access the same data from any device or save a document on your PC and continue working on it on your smartphone or tablet.

While there are many great benefits of Microsoft Office 365, this doesn't mean it's going to be a plug-and-play addition to your existing infrastructure. Our flexible team of expert will ensure you're in line with the platform updates, enable Office 365's newest features, extend your solution with custom functionality, and prevent your clouds from experiencing any turbulence.