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Introducing The Latest Team Members At CyberStreams

Introducing The Latest Team Members At CyberStreams

Meet the newest members of the CyberStreams team. We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve recently added two talented individuals to the CyberStreams team. Each time we expand our roster, we know that we’re positioning ourselves to better support our clients, and that they bring new perspectives, skills, and passion to our company as a whole. […]

Are You A Lawyer In Seattle? You Need To Read This!

Lawyers in Washington Have a Duty to Be Technologically Competent Lawyers in Washington today not only have a duty to be competent in the law and its practice but also in technology, a requirement under Washington’s ethics rules. The ethics rules do not ask lawyers to become experts in technology, but for lawyers to acknowledge […]

Work-From-Home Tax Credits for Businesses in Washington State

Commuting in Seattle has steadily gotten worse, but a Washington senator has proposed something that may help: incentivizing businesses to allow employees to telecommute. The bill, sponsored by Senator Kevin Van de Wege, would give companies a tax break for allowing employees to work remotely. It would offer a $500 per employee tax credit for […]

The Top 5 Tech Trends for Seattle Businesses in 2018

Technology is evolving faster than ever. Sometimes trends that seem promising – like virtual reality – fall a little flat while others explode. Check out our predictions for 2018’s tech trends: The Proliferation of Blockchain: Blockchain was not new to 2017, though it was undeniably one of 2017’s tech buzzwords. A search for ‘blockchain’ on […]