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Faster USB Standard Is Coming But There Are Complications

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If you have a need for speed, you’ll be thrilled to know that USB 3.2 is on its way. It offers incredible transfer speeds up to 20GB per second, but there’s a catch that could throw a wrench into the works, or at least make things more complicated. At the most recent Mobile World Congress, […]

Bots Are Attacking Retail Sites On A Large Scale

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If you own a retail business, an attack known as “credential stuffing” is the latest online threat to be concerned about.  If you’re not sure what that is, read on and prepare to be dismayed. According to the 2019 State of the Internet, Retail Attacks, and TPI Traffic Report published by Akamai, there has been […]

Progressive Web App Office Software Coming To Windows 10

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Microsoft has recently announced a new addition, coming soon to the Microsoft Store.  A free Office progressive web app (PWA), which is slated to replace the My Office app that comes pre-installed on Windows devices. The new app is functionally similar to the Office App you’re currently using, but it brings some exciting new features […]

Google Security Device Had A Microphone Nobody Knew About

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Google has found itself in hot water for something they claim to be an honest mistake and oversight. Owners of the company’s popular Nest Guard (the centerpiece to their Nest Secure home alarm system) have recently discovered a microphone hidden in the guts of the device.  The microphone wasn’t mentioned in the product’s specification sheet, which […]