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The Benefits of Unified Communications

By:Christine Fettinger

What is Unified Communications?

Unified communications is the compressionMobilityof all of the standard means of contact into a single platform that reaches any device in any location with internet. This means that e-mail, fax, desk phones, voicemail, smartphones, tablets, instant messaging, conferencing, and group sharing can all be handled in one system. The system also has enhanced usability and will know where to contact a colleague based on set preferences and movements on devices.

What are the Benefits?


Activity is tracked and used to define the best means of communication to use when attempting to contact an employee. Time is saved writing e-mails when a phone call is best. Which phone to call and where the desired person is all is there for you to know. This feature also works well with businesses with remote access employees.

With unified communications, no time is wasted searching for unavailable individuals. Quick responses are easy via instant messaging, presence, and video conferencing. There’s no searching for someone at their desk after he/she doesn’t pick up the phone. Making contact is a given in some shape or form.Employees can move faster with projects and work.

In the Office:

Whenever an issue arises, a quick video call can be made from the desk to any employee with internet anywhere in the world. The issue can be addressed right there and then and then both employees can continue their work.

CyberStreams _Services Business Phone Systems _MedA question can be answered as fast as it can be typed. It goes directly to the other employee’s desktop and flashes on the screen. For quick questions and answers, this saves time trying to call or to find a colleague.

Employees don’t have to constantly keep tabs on whether there are unheard voicemails or what they’ve said. Voicemails are completely integrated into the system and can be read in text-form alongside your e-mails in Microsoft Outlook.

Instead of e-mailing documents back and forth and trying to stay updated on the current file versions, you can easily share documents in a unified system. They can be shared across in office and out of office employees using any device using SharePoint.

Faxes can be sent directly from your e-mail or received alongside your e-mails in Microsoft Outlook.

Instead of coordinating to find the time to meet with a group to discuss an aspect of a project, groups can be sent up via the instant messaging platform for quick answers and discussion.

Out of Office:

Other colleagues will already know how best to reach you either through settings you make before you leave the office or through presence technology that tracks what devices you’re currently using. You can go about your business without checking your e-mail or mobile devices constantly.

When out of the office, instead of waiting for travel time and coordinating, a conference can be set up from wherever anyone is at the time. Employees can just open their smartphones or tablets and discuss over the video conferencing tools.

When you’re not thinking clearly and need to get out of the office to clear your thoughts, you can take these times to breathe in some fresh air, but still be notified of anything important. You can work out of the office at a favorite coffee shop to get out of the daily routine of the business.

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