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Best Applications on the iPad for Your Business

By:Christine Fettinger

The growth of tablet use in the workplace continues to spread throughout many industries. The trend is transforming the businesses in which they are implemented. Whether only management positions are using a tablet or multiple employee positions, the applications available make it easy to customize the device to fit a specific business’ needs. After taking a look at the iPad’s options for businesses, I’ve come up with this list of the best applications to start using in your business today.

Management, Notes, Meetings, Tasks


You can implement Evernote on any computer, tablet, and mobile device. Your notes, tasks, and thoughts will follow you everywhere and be synced online. Thoughts can be categorized into multiple categories, so you can define one task in terms of for work, for this client, for this project, and for this employee. It handles text, handwritten notes, videos, photos, voice memos, and other audio. Multiple users can collaborate on Evernote and it is instantly updated for all. It can help share information, manage projects, digitize important documents, keep track of finances, etc. Text in photos or pdfs are easily searchable. Send to-dos, recaps, and tasks to employees. Manage receipts and employees all in this universal word processor. The app also syncs with Microsoft Outlook, so your emails and calendar can be easily filed into Evernote. With this one app, you can do what multiple apps would do for a business.



Outlook Mail Pro

This app is the easiest way to manage your work email on your iPad. It lets you view Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and picture attachments. You can easily print emails and attachments from the program as well. With this, you can manage your calendar, mail, and continue to be available to other staff or to clients just as in remote access.



Skype can be an easy way to instant message different employees and schedule on or off-site meetings. These meetings can then be administrated via the tablet, face-to-face, or both. An employee who is out on the job can then consult the rest of the staff in the office on a situation that arises. Large files can also be sent via the instant messaging platform. This app can keep internal conversation and work separate from your business phone system.


Word, PowerPoint, and Excel


CloudOn is an easy way to continue to use Word, Excel, and Powerpoint and share files across collaborators. Track changes, view/edit 2D/3D pdfs, and view all image file types. Formatting text, changing fonts, and all other normal features works the same as in Microsoft Office. It is easy to use when needing a change of scenery or making a quick edit to a PowerPoint before a meeting. This app creates another essential way to do work with the iPad.



SugarSync allows for free cloud backup to sync files, share folders, and access data directly from your computer and your tablet. It works with mobile photos and videos, and all files. Instead of emailing yourself important file documents and risking forgetting one or not having the updated version, SugarSync makes data recovery manageable. This app makes it easy to work with both the iPad and your work station.


Sales and Payroll

Handshake Sales Order Manager

This app allows you to upload your catalog, scan barcodes, write orders, see recently viewed/ordered products, and much more. Prices can be set by customer groups, currencies, or product lines. After one set up, the formatting can be synced to multiple iPads. Manage or view orders from the whole team and see daily totals. This app also takes credit cards and signatures. It completely integrates with Excel to export or to import information. No matter what your business is selling or ordering, this app does it all.


Intuit Online Payroll

This app allows you to calculate hours or salary for each employee. The calculation will be automatic, but there is a review screen, so you can approve each payment. It creates paychecks right to the accounts by direct deposit and/or paper checks. The security on the app meets bank level regulations. Also, all past paychecks are recorded on the app. This makes it easy to pay employees from anywhere and everywhere.


While there are many alternatives to managing a business or your work from your iPad, these applications seemed the most universal and applicable to work with. It is easy to get started and free yourself from the paper or workstation position you now adhere to. Management and performance has never been more green IT focused than with these apps.

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