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When it comes to business telephone systems, there’s an overwhelmingly wide range of options available.

By:Christine Fettinger

As a result, most businesses need a knowledgeable, trustworthy team of IT professionals to help them choose the best business telephone system for their unique needs. And fortunately, CyberStreams specializes in providing and supporting business telephone systems. To learn more, give us a call at (425) 2_74-1121 or send us an email at sales@cyberstreams.com.

Looking for the right business telephone system for your unique needs? Our team of IT experts will help you determine how your business can leverage modern IP based business phone system technology, where and when VoIP is appropriate, and what’s the correct fit to help you meet your business objectives.

CyberStreams Specializes in Design, Implementation, Integration, Management & Monitoring for All Business Telephone System Needs!

As a leading IT support company, we stay ahead of the trends in information technology and business-to-business technology, so you can rest assured knowing we’re able to help you choose the best business telephone system, as well as the best voice or voice and data service provider, for your unique needs.

You’ve Already Invested in Data Network Infrastructure – Why Not Leverage That Investment to Realize the Benefits of an Internet Protocol (IP) Based Phone System?

Internet Protocol (IP) based phone systems leverage the investment your business has already made in the data network infrastructure, in order to provide high quality telecommunications for you and your staff members. Essentially, the phone becomes a computer and can easily be aligned to your specific business processes.

When you choose to implement an IP PBX communication platform, you’re able to leverage VoIP both internally and externally depending on the requirements. And you’re guaranteed to benefit from:

  • Reduced long-distance charges between sites via intelligent call routing.
  • Lower system management & administrative costs.
  • Lower capital investment.
  • Reduced complexity of multi-site landscapes.
  • Ease of call center management.
  • Improved workflow integration with distributed offices.
  • Greater integration with existing and future business systems.
  • Improved accommodation for remote workers.
  • Increased control of business process management.

Plus, an IP PBX communication platform enables you to increase productivity and efficiency while improving client satisfaction as a result of enhanced communication abilities.

Ready to switch to an IP PBX communication platform? Contact CyberStreams – We’re the trusted business telephone system experts for businesses in in Seattle, Kirkland, Bellevue, Redmond, Renton, Kent, Issaquah, Bothell, Lynwood, Everett, and Skagit County, WA.